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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the nearest dealer ?

Because of the small number of hand built products we produce we do not sell them through a large dealer network at present. You can purchase our pedals directly from us or have a look on the main page for a list of retailers. There will be a status update on the main page to show you if the item is currently available or not... In the latter case we will inform you of the anticipated waiting time and you can decide whether or not to go ahead with your purchase.

What is the warranty on the pedals ?

Your Valvette pedal comes with a 6 month warranty that includes parts and labour and return shipping back to you. You are responsible to ship it to us.
If we find damage that is the result of misuse, abuse (accidental or not) or neglect then we will not cover the repairs free of charge. The warranty will also extend to the new owner should you decide to sell the pedal within the warranty period, as the serial number is paired with the initial sale date in our database. Don't forget to register your pedal online within 14 days of receipt for the warranty to take effect. If you want to return a pedal to us for repairs, please note that you must contact us by e-mail beforehand to obtain a job number or we will not be able to accept the pedal.

How do I find out how much warranty is left when I buy a pedal second hand ?

No problem. Please send us an email with the serial number and we'll check our records and get back to you a.s.a.p. with your requested info.

What is your return policy ?

You have 7 days from the day you receive your pedal to decide if you want to keep it or not. In the unlikely event you return it, it must contain all unopened shipping and packing materials and be in new condition. If this is not the case there will only be a partial refund, taking into account the damaged packaging materials etc ...

Why don't I sound like the demo video ?

The sounds you get out of an effects pedal are the result of a number of criteria ... the guitar / amp combination you use, string gauges, the picking approach, playing style, component tollerances etc... no two amps or instruments sound exactly the same anyway ... a lot of tone is in the hands and how you use the equipment. a valve amp will sound completely different to a solid state amp and so on ...

What order do I need to put my effects in ?

There is no such thing as a fixed way of doing this ... experimenting can create new sounds that work for your individual style. As a general rule though the chain would be : guitar -> wah -> buffer -> compressor -> tuner -> distortion/overdrive -> eq -> chorus/flanger/phaser -> delay -> reverb -> boost
(to push amp into overdrive) -> amp

What if I want to use a volume pedal ?

You can hook up the volume pedal before any overdrive or distortion unit to control the amount of gain. If you want to control the actual volume, put it after any overdrive or distortion unit and before the delay or in the effects loop right before the delay.

What if I want to use my amp's effects loop ?

These are the usual candidates for an amp's effects loop chain :
eq -> solo boost -> chorus/flanger/phaser -> delay -> reverb -> boost (to push amp into overdrive)

How do I apply for an endorsement ?

Applications for all Valvette endorsements are initially handled through e-mail.
An application package for Valvette endorsement must contain the following to be considered:

1. Cover letter
2. Bio
3. Link to audio or video recordings
4. Contact information

These materials should be sent to Valvette Artist Relations :

Many factors are considered in endorsements including, but not limited to your musical talents, your current visibility as a player and band member and your ability to affect other players positively. Sometimes it simply involves being in the right place with the right style or chops at the right time. In order for us to be able to work closely with our artists, endorsement agreements are very limited and we cannot guarantee a personal response to every application.